• Just as Coco Chanel liberated women from the tightness of corsets, it is said that there is a deep relationship between women's social advancement and underwear. In recent years, society has progressed to a place where women can play an active role, and underwear has changed from the traditional tight innerwear to comfort-type underwear such as soft bras. Ta.


    However, from a women's perspective, the reality is that "highly comfortable underwear" is still not mainstream. Even innerwear made of silk material, which is said to be good for the skin, is often decorated with lace made from synthetic fibers, or has exposed rubber that touches the skin, which can dig into the skin and cause irritation. In many cases, comfort is compromised.



    "We want to develop innerwear with a simple design that takes full advantage of the benefits of silk material, which has ingredients that are closer to those of the skin."

    “I want all women to love themselves more and value themselves more.”

    “I want you to spend every day happier by having luxuries that are good for your body.”

    In order to convey this feeling, we launched the silk lingerie brand Neyi.


    I want to be particular about materials and comfort, and be even kinder to the earth.

    Neyi aims to be a brand that creates innerwear that is good for both the wearer and the planet.

    The fashion industry is said to be the second most polluting industry in the world after oil. For many brands, each project actually produces leftover fabric called ``residue'', which is usually incinerated. At Neyi, we purchase leftover silk from high-end brands and create innerwear and home goods, aiming to become an upcycle brand.

Nay's Features

① Made of two layers of silk material, a natural fiber that is also used in medical settings, and is soft and comfortable against the skin.

② The shoulder straps and elastic around the legs are all wrapped in silk, giving it an airy feel that will make you forget you're wearing underwear.

③ Minimal design and high armpit design provide excellent 360° stretch, elasticity, and hold.

④ Can be washed in the hand wash mode of the washing machine.

Initiatives as an upcycling brand

Neyi produces several types of products, including inner wear, using high brand residual silk fabric, and as an upcycle brand, it cares for both the environment and bare skin. Our goal is to become a dependable and dependable presence.

    When producing a new product, apparel manufacturers, not just luxury brands, order a large amount of fabric so that they don't run out during production.

    Therefore, at least 1-2 pieces of fabric are left over for each project.

    These overproduced fabrics are called zantan, and the manufacturers pay money toincinerate and dispose of them after the season.

    Therefore, Neyi reuses the leftover material to create innerwear and home goods.